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April 2019


This is absolutely insane!  

I’m packing up your boxes right now, and I am just so overwhelmed and amazed at how many of you are supporting my witchy little endeavor. I am infinitely grateful, and so excited to grow and blossom together.

I hope you all had a wonderful Ostara, and that the worm moon was good to you. I’ve been spending these longer days out in my flower gardens, and I’ve really noticed all those little worms working their tails off in the soil. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated them more!  

This month we’re celebrating balance and harmony with the Pink Moon in Libra. Yes, the moon is still in Libra. We’re almost done, though, so hang in there. It’s called the “pink moon” because of all the pink phlox that’s starting to cover the ground. Other names for it include: Fish Moon, Egg Moon, and Grass Moon. …I prefer pink, I think!

I had so much fun putting this box together. I am in love with every single item in it. And by the way, all the Foxglove Pharm goodies are brand new. Y’all get first dibs –– so be sure to tell me what you think. Everything was crafted with the intent to help you find balance and harmony in your everyday life.

First up, is a little perfume called Hyggelig oil. Pronounced “hoog-uh-lee,” this Danish word doesn’t have an English equivalent. Imagine your most peaceful, contented moment, and that is sort of like hyggelig. For me, it’s taking a big stretch in the sunshine on a breezy day, then dozing off in a hammock. It’s different for everyone, but that’s what this scent should invoke. I really love it …Even though the name is a doozy.

Ok, so I’ve blended a lot of tea in my life, but Existential Bliss might be my favorite. I’ve been drinking it every day since I made the first batch, and cannot get enough. I hope you love it, too. It makes me feel nice, and tastes like summer.

The In-Balanced bath ritual is another delightful little devil. This blend smells incredible and has the most soothing effect. Set your intention (like: chill the fuck out, or stop stressing over everything.), light a candle, and bathe in the healing herbs. Side note: If you asked for no bath stuff, there’ll be a different item in its place. I don’t know what it is yet, though. A surprise for us both!

If you’re looking for harmony, treat your mother better. Use these metal straws and handmade Straw Sleeves (from @strawsleeves) to take a little step to honor Mother Earth. Keep it in your bag, and skip the plastic when you dine out. These make great gifts, so be sure to check out the maker’s Etsy shop. She even used upcycled denim for these, so they’re extra eco-friendly. 

This edition of the 12th House Zine guides us through moving into Taurus. Hallie (as usual) has blown my feeble mind with her incredibly astute insights. How great is she?! Don’t tell her husband, but I might be a little in love with her.

I’ve also included some foxglove seeds because I’m obsessed with myself and would like to be planted in your garden it’s spring time and everyone deserves the magic that these gorgeous flowers bring with them! There are also some carnelian stones for peace and harmony. And look, I’m not even the most crystal-obsessed person you’ll meet, but when I held this package of carnelian in my hands, I felt warmed to my core. It was intense and beautiful. I hope you feel the same.  

Just a heads up to the new subscribers: If you’re subscribed to “All the Magic,” you’ll receive everything mentioned on the contents card (and in this letter). Subscribers to “A Good Bit” will have …a good bit… of those items, but not everything. I just print one copy of the contents and of this note because otherwise I will drive myself crazier, and no one wants that. 

Thank you for being part of this little coven. I appreciate your support, and I hope you love everything in this box.

Blessed be,


Oh and PS: If you love your box, please leave a review on my website! You’ll get good karma, my undying love, and a discount code for doing it. It makes my heart so happy to read all the nice things you guys say about me. <3

Another PS: Don’t forget to nominate the good witches in your life for The Good Witch Award, our monthly effort to recognize good people in our community.  

Ok, really the last one: I promise these letters will probably not get any longer than this. I just love you and have so much to say! You’re amazing! Ah!


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