Black lives matter.

April 2020

Happy apocalypse, loved ones! 

What the fuck, am i right? Life just keeps getting weirder. I hope this letter and box of magic find you safe, healthy, and as minimally negatively affected by this shit show as possible. At least we have each other, right? 

So this month’s box has a bit more than I planned on including initially. Thing is, this is the last month for like… a lot of you, which sucks, so I wanted it to be a little special. And give you a few extra things to hang on to. I’ll miss you a lot, but I understand. 

The featured plant is vervain, and as per usual, Lindsey Mashburn has made a beautiful print for y’all to admire. (Anyone hanging their prints? I’d love to see pictures!) Vervain is known for being a generally magical little buddy, who can do everything from clear your skin to ease your anxieties; it can also help with kidney stones, headaches, and, hear me out, ward off vampires. (Look, I don’t make the rules, I just document them and share.) It’s a bit bitter though, so when you’re consuming it, you might want to add in a little sweetener.

Speaking of… I’ve included a limited-edition batch of Anxietea that includes a heavy hand of vervain so you can get to know it better. I’m not going to post this one in the shop, so enjoy it while it lasts. :) 

After hearing the nice things y’all had to say about those chamomile face masks, I brought them back with a vervain decoction, vitamin e, and some sweet orange essential oils for a little extra razzle dazzle. You’re so vervain face masks. I thought about making a joke about coronavirus and face masks, but I’m not going to. But! Self-care is important during these stressful times, so make sure you take some time for you. Good music, dim lights, and just chill with a goopy sheet mask on your face. 

And of course, given the nature of our apocalypse, I made y’all a bunch of hand satanizer. The kids and I made a batch (Shoutout to all the moms who are suddenly homeschool teachers!!), then I realized I had to whip some up for you, too.

I thought we could all use a little extra positivity, so I made these little wooden signs with a merry little mantra on them. I learned the technique from The Crafsman on YouTube. If you don’t know who/what that is, please do yourself a solid, and watch a few of his videos “Steady Craftin’” is the name of his show. This man is like a modern day, multi-faceted Bob Ross. I feel a deep emotional connection to him. He’s great. I digress. 

Special guest B. Sartain crafted some bookmarks for the box. She makes lots of cute little rainbow handcrafts, and I wanted to feature her cool work. She planned on making these bookmarks with the little Foxglove Pharm symbol stitched on them, but life and time are unpredictable, so we get cute little crescent moons instead. They’re still pretty adorable, though! 

And then comes the great extravagance. Laura Horn -- who has made many beautiful items for the coven box in the past --  has really outdone herself with these incredible dip pens. I’m like, stunned. They were going to go in next month’s box, but like i said, a lot of you won’t be getting it, and you NEED to have these. And since the pens are no good on their own, I’ve included a vial of handmade enchanted ink, infused with sage and ashes, as well as a new notebook to jot down your spells, wishes, sigils, and dreams.  

And that’s about it for the boxes!

Look, I know times are tough on a lot of us right now. I’m here if you ever need to chat. I love you all so much. For those of you who are ending your subscriptions for now, just know there’ll always be room for you when you’re ready to come back. <3 

If you can’t afford to keep up your box, but you have any sort of barterable talent -- let me know. I’m always down to trade. I was actually furloughed from my day job this past week, (I’m a writer on the digital design team for Hilton), so I’ve had to cut back on all my fun subscriptions and indulgences, too. Trading is more appealing than ever right now. Money sucks, LOL. 

Stay safe out there. Avoid people.  Wash your hands. And fucking stop touching your face. 

I love you so much, 



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