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August 2019

My darlings!

Every time I write you guys this letter, I am shocked that another month has already passed. Time is really flying by for me right now.  The kids are about to start back to school, and the days are already getting shorter. I get super excited for fall, so I’m counting the days now!

I’m really excited about this month’s box. It’s a full sturgeon moon in Aquarius, which means – if you’re the fishin’ type – you could probably catch a bunch of those guys this time of year. It also means that we can get lost in this Aquarius moon and focus on some dreaming and inventing. Which is the focus of this foxbox. (foxbox? Hmmmm?)

The ZZZ tea is actually the first blend I ever made as Foxglove Pharm. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I got so much positive feedback on it, that… here we are now. 

I crafted up 5 blends of elemental oils that are, duh, based on the elements and what they represent. I intended to make these into 4-ounce sprays like the intention sprays, but then I found these amazing black dropper bottles, so instead, you’re getting a much richer (more concentrated) experience, crammed into 1 ounce. A little bit of oil goes a long way, so these bottles should last for a long time. Use it to anoint candles, in your spellwork, bath, or just on your skin as a delightful fragrance. The ingredients label is wrong, btw, there’s no water in it. Just oils. That was a remnant from when they were going to be sprays. My bad. Moving right along.

Jackalopes are my favorite animal. I even have a big ole tattoo of one. I found this jackalope print by Crescent Hare and had to get it for you. These magical little creatures are a great reminder that our world is only limited by our imagination. They’re an invitation to dream, to invent, to imagine endless possibilities.

The dream spell is a fun one. There’s also enough incense in there for multiple uses. What a bargain! :-p It has all the instruction in the bag, so I’ll save the explanation here.

Your package might also have an enamel pin in there. I just liked it a lot and wanted to gift it to you. You probably have a cutesy animal tea infuser, because it’s always a good time for a new tea toy. And… I threw in about $100 worth of stuff into one of your boxes. I hope it’s you!

I’ve almost managed to fit this whole letter on one page, so I’ll stop now! I love you, you’re magical, and you’re my favorite!

Xx Sami

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