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Death Poem #1

by Angela Alberto

Death came to me one day 

with a glimmer in their eye

Scared, I recoiled and shouted

"Is it my time to die???" 

With breath like dirt, that has been drenched 

by the rain, Death looked at me and softly said,

 "Why do you think your death is my gain?"

With head hung low

They started to go

I sputtered out, "Wait! What did you want to show?"

Death's head slowly turned

 and in a child-like glee, they said,

"I wanted to show you I have a band-aid on my knee.” 

Angela is a Death Doula, artist, and animal lover who lives in Portland, Oregon. She spends a lot of her time thinking about Death. Her intention is to help people change their narrative about Death to create a fuller life in the here and now. When she isn’t pondering the Great Change, she can be found dancing, making jewelry, volunteering at local animal sanctuaries, and writing. Her greatest joy is helping people remember their power and divine nature.

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