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Death Poem #3

Death Poem #3

by Angela Alberto

I was minding my own business

washing the dishes at our sink

When Death ran across the field last night

as fast as they could

cutting down the wheat shouting

" This is way easier than wood!"

Their bony arms in the moonlight


as they raced up and down the field

I said to my husband

"Is this for real?"

The water dripped from my hands

as I took a moment to blink

When something outside the window

truly began to stink

Their face pressed up to the glass,

they smirked and said 

"You better wash fast!"

and drew a heart on the window pane

where their breath has past

I scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed

and washed, washed washed,

I got all the burnt oatmeal off the pot

Death was coming closer with every swipe of their scythe

I knew this would soon 

be the end of my life

Finally they stopped running

and turned to face me again

Wheat was stuck in their cloak

I still hoped this was a joke,

with a sigh I pulled the plug

from the drain

and looked out the window again.

No longer an image of a skeleton appeared

yet all my friends and loved ones

That I have held so dear

My dog Ginger, from when I was 5, My horse Amy

(Oh how I cried!)

Aunt Theresa, Uncle Tom, Grandmom Ruth, Pop pop Krex,

so much love I felt

from the right to the left

The smell of lilacs came over me

I felt something grab my hand,

warm and steady

I looked and saw a black cloak

yet under it was pure, shiny gold

Death smiled and said, 

"May I walk you home?"

My heart full from what awaits me

I kept my hand in theirs and said

"I am ready."

Angela is a Death Doula, artist, and animal lover who lives in Portland, Oregon. She spends a lot of her time thinking about Death. Her intention is to help people change their narrative about Death to create a fuller life in the here and now. When she isn’t pondering the Great Change, she can be found dancing, making jewelry, volunteering at local animal sanctuaries, and writing. Her greatest joy is helping people remember their power and divine nature.

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