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February 2019

My beloved coven!

Welcome to the second month of (the tentatively named) From Foxglove with Love subscription box. It’s already growing bigger than I expected, and I am so excited to embark on this journey with you. I’m learning a lot as this baby grows, so expect some changes as we go. For instance, I’ll be using kraft paper pouches instead of glass jars when possible. It’s more economical for shipping, which means you’ll get more magic for your money. I also learned I have way more to say than will fit on a little card, so you’re probably going to get a letter from me every month, too. (Sorry?)

On February 19, we’ve got a super full Virgo Snow moon. This can mean a whole array of fun shit. You might be feeling a little agitated and like nothing is ever good enough. Try to focus on being tolerant and just let things run their course. I considered dedicating this month’s box to zenning out, but I thought it’d be more fun to distract ourselves and shift our focus inward, to our own beauty and creativity… so here we are! Let’s get gorgeous and create something truly magical for yourself.

So, let’s talk about what’s in the box. (Heads up: if you got one of the smaller sizes, you’ll be missing a few of these items.) Ok. There are two half-sized teas. One is Creativitea, which has the most creative name ever. Its ingredients boost energy and get the creative side of your brain working a little harder. The second tea is new, and delightful. Beau Tea Full (another clever name, right?) has herbs that’ll purify, hydrate, and firm your skin. Plus, it’s delicious. Take it to the next level by making an under-eye mask with the used herbs after you sip your tea, and hop in the bath with your Glow with the Flow fizzy bath salts. You’ll be as fresh and dewy as when you used to bathe in virgin blood. Ah, the good ole days.

Oh, so –– science time, really quick! High humidity can cause bath fizzies to prematurely react. If your bath salts look weird or have an odd consistency (which they probably do), that’s why. I’m sorry it’s ugly. Think of it as a loose-leaf bath bomb, haha. Toss it in the tub, and thank me later.  Ok. Back to the box.

You’ll also find a hand-stamped bracelet to encourage your own magic-making. Forever Young is a (new!) rose oil facial serum that is super potent and ultra-moisturizing; a little goes a long way. I recommend using it at night before bed. It works great on tattoos, too. It’s essentially vitamin E and jojoba oil infused with organic roses. So nourishing!

While I didn’t technically include a ritual in this month’s box, I’d encourage you to appease the Virgo moon by doing a cleansing ritual of organizing, decluttering, and spraying down your space with Foxglove Water. This is a floral spray made with distilled moon water, organic flowers, witch hazel, and essential oils. It’s great for cleansing your space and tools, but makes a great perfume, too. Do you. Live your best life.  

Of all the Foxglove Pharm things in the box, the item I’m most excited about is the astrological zine from 12th House. Its magic really speaks for itself, and I’m so honored to have Hallie as my first guest maker. Check her out on Instagram at @12thHouse, and fall as in love with her as I am. Each month I’ll be including another small shop or creative, so stay tuned!  

To recap: get naked, fill up your tub, take a fizzy bath, sip some beau-tea, make a mask, clean your room, oil up, slap on that bracelet, and make something awesome. (Then get social, and share your art, and tag me in it because I want to see!)

I love you and I thank you,

Blessed be!


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