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I be-leaf it's raspberry magical

(Not my finest headline.)

Whatcha’ll know about red raspberry leaf? Everyone knows all about the delicious fruit, but the leaves of this plant often go unnoticed. And that’s a total shame because the leaves are packed with feminine energy and magic. Let’s take a look at what makes raspberry leaf the fantastic beast it is.

Medicinal uses

This is a jill of all trades when it comes to “lady” problems:

  • Try sipping a raspberry leaf tea to help with cramps and heavy periods.

  • Use an oil made from the leaves to lube up your nethers

  • Soak in a bath with the leaves to ease cramps

  • Drink it as a tea to help with morning sickness, ease labor pains, and boost milk production

But wait! There’s more!

Sore throat? Raspberry leaf has you covered.

Weird rash? Do a poultice with it.

It’s rich in anti-oxidants.

It can help your muscles relax.

A poultice can ease burns.


Magical uses

The berry and the leaf are both great for channeling romance and self-love

It can be used in a good luck spell

Channel feminine energy

Fertility charms

Great for sacral chakra work

Plant a raspberry bush or hang dried leaves above your door for physical and energetic protection, especially as it relates to business matters.

Side effects and warnings:

If you’re pregnant or nursing, talk to your midwife/doctor before taking anything. They know more than I do.

SO tell me. What do you use red raspberry leaf for?


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