Black lives matter.

I guess I write newsletters now.

What a wild ride this month has been.

Let's all be fools this April.

The entirety of March was spent hiding in our homes, hoarding groceries, and unsubscribing to newsletters every time we got another corona email. Hopefully, April will be less eventful? I'm going stir-crazy in the house during quarantine, so apparently, I'm writing Foxglove Pharm newsletters now. Cool. If this is terrible, tell me, and I'll never do it again. 

Make like the Fool.

In Tarot, the Fool is known for bravely bounding into the unknown. For just going for it. He doesn't wait until he has all the answers; he doesn't patiently weigh his options. He just goes. We could probably learn a few things from him. I'm not saying to live recklessly. I'm saying: stop living in fear and dive in. If this fucking virus has really taught us anything (aside from people don't wash their hands enough), it's that we should all be spending more time living. This is my totally unsolicited tarot reading for you for the month of April. Just be the fool this month while the world goes crazy.

Good Witch Award: Ostara Edition 

And a super mega giant round of applause and a bow of respect to my girl, Michelle! The first 2020 Good Witch recipient. Read more about her on my Instagram post, but the short version is: she convinced me and several other people to give away one of our kidneys. 

Do you know a good witch? Nominate them here. A new Good Witch will be announced seasonally.

Have you met EJ?  

This is EJ! She's our new resident-special-guest tarot reader, and she'll be pulling a card each morning at 10am CST on my Instagram. She's super insightful, and I think you'll love her perspective! It's amazing how on-point these readings have been for me so far.
And of course, I'd be a bad business lady if I didn't encourage you to join the coven and subscribe to a monthly box of magic. They're a lot of fun. And if you can't afford it,  I get it. I just lost my day job, too. Maybe we could barter. Hit me up. Let's talk. 
Join the Coven

Free ways to support makers and small businesses while we are all super broke: 

If money's tight for you these days, here are so great ways to still support small businesses.
  1. Leave reviews for everything you love. Not just for products, but for podcasts, restaurants, shops, you name it. Reviews help other people feel good about supporting local businesses. 
  2. Share posts. When a business sends out a sale update or a new product, press that share button. Someone else may be looking for exactly that thing. 
  3. Follow, subscribe, like, heart, stalk. Interact on social media. Those techy algorithms benefit people/businesses who are getting more likes and interactions. 
  4. Partner up. Reach out to folks you think you could form a symbiotic relationship with. (You know I barter for coven boxes?)
  5. I'm probably forgetting something. Send me an email and let me know if you have any ideas. 
And I guess that's enough words from me, ya girl, Sami. I love the shit out of every single one of you, and I hope you're staying safe during this absolutely insane time. Take care of yourself, and take care of each other. 




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