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In Your Dreams spell

Get the clarity you’re looking for while you snooze. This spell is pretty flexible, but mugwort is pretty non-negotiable, so make sure you have some on-hand before you get started.

What you need:

  • Parchment paper

  • Small sachet (Literally, in a pinch, you could use a sandwich baggie. It doesn’t need to be fancy.)

  • Some of these stones: moonstone, howlite, and/or lepidolite

  • Some of these herbs: mugwort, lavender, jasmine, anise, and/or chamomile

  • Incense made from: sandalwood, frankincense, mugwort, and/or clove

  • Some of these essential oils: patchouli, clove, lavender, jasmine, and/or palo santo

When to do it:

This spell is best done just before bed. Full moons are great for manifestation; Mondays are ideal for future-focused spells; Sundays are great for talking to spirit. But any day is a good day if that’s when the inspiration strikes. It’s your magic. It’s your rules. Do what feels right to you. 

How do do it:

When you’re ready for bed, fire up some incense beside your bed. If you have a blend of all the mentioned resins/herbs above, that’s perfect. But if you don’t? No big deal. It’s your magic. Do it your way!

Write what you’re seeking on parchment paper. This could be anything from wanting to dream about hanging out with talking cats in space, to getting a glimpse into the future at your job, or trying to commune with departed loved one while you sleep. 

Fold up the paper, and place it inside the sachet.

Add your crystals, herbs, and a few drops of essential oils. Go easy on the essential oils. Then place the sachet under your pillow.

While the incense burns, get comfortable and meditate on your intention. I do this part lying down because I like to fall asleep directly after. Allow yourself to drift off, and then manifest your dreams. 

Keep the sachet under your pillow long-term to encourage more prophetic dreams each night, and be sure to charge your crystal every full moon. 

Any questions? Just ask!

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