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January 2020

We friggin’ made it, y’all.

It’s 2020.

Warmest greetings to you, my darlings. It’s cold and miserable here in Memphis. My bones ache, and pretty much all I do is complain. But I did just get home from an amazing Disney World vacation with my honey and the kids, so I’m going to be riding that high for as long as possible. I hope your winter holidays have been fantastic and not too stressful. But who are we kidding? Even the best family time is still stressful af. Which actually kind of inspired a bit of this box.

So let’s talk about January energy, shall we? January’s full moon is the Wolf moon. Embrace your wild side take some time to go outside and howl. The moon will be waning by the time the box arrives, but you can still go howl at it. It’s super therapeutic, helps you connect with nature, and it’ll make sure your neighbors know just what kind of person they’re dealing with. (An amazing one, duh.) January is Capricorn season, featuring some Aquarian magic there at the end. It’s also my birth month (I’m a cusp!). There’s big energy in these stars. Everyone’s emotionally exhausted from the holidays, yet we all feel compelled to take care of business and get shit done. And we’re all, like, indignant about it. Y’all. Stop that shit. Ask for help, and take it when it’s offered. And for frick’s sake –– take a break if you need one. Shit.

Our featured herb this month is mullein. She’s a beautiful little thing, delicate in appearance, but strong in demeanor. Mullein is helpful for all sorts of things, from sore, scratchy throats, to nagging anxiety, to softening and cleansing your skin. I also just found out that it makes a good toilet paper and can work for candles, too. Mullein is the prominent ingredient in two of this month’s items. And, side note, I have a mild topical allergy to it, as I learned while making the big batch of tea for you guys. My arms got some red bumps, and then my sweet friend Laura Horn (a fellow subscriber and frequent contributor) volunteered as tribute to let me rub it all over her arms to make sure it was just me.

For this and each month of 2020, Lindsey Mashburn will be including a hand-drawn plant print to correspond with the month, so get excited and go ahead and clear a little wall space, because you’re gonna wanna frame these junts.

Also included is a Wheel of the Year print to get you through 2020. Quinn of Mindful Hookup made this little beauty, and I printed it on fun paper. She’s a super positive goddess who I definitely recommend you go follow on Instagram, @mindful_hookup. I’m going to be tapping her for more creativity throughout the year. Buckle up.

Let Me Clear My Throat is a mullein-based tea that will do exactly what its name says. Drink it up and get rid of all that gross phlegm in your throat. Did I create this blend specifically because I had a weird head cold travel bug thing? You bet your buns I did.

Nakie Face is another mullein creation. This astringent features organic mullein oil (sourced from Starwest Botanicals, which is also where I get most of my other herbs, just FYI), witch hazel, rosemary, and sandalwood. It’s delicate but effective. If you use it a lot, it can be a little drying, so pair it with a good moisturizer. If you have oily skin, use it more often to help control it. 

Ready to Marie Kondo your bullshit baggage? Meet Hard Refresh. This ritual will help you clear out what no longer serves you, and prepare your spirit to receive only good stuff in the coming year. I threw some instructions in there for you, but as always, feel free to make it your own. It’s your magic. You do what you want with it.   

I hope you all love everything! I poured a lot of myself into these boxes. Cheers to a wonderful, magical, fantastical 2020. I love y’all so much!



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