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July 2019

My beloved coven!

This past month zipped right the fuck by, didn’t it? I feel like I went to sleep for five minutes and June was suddenly gone. July is a wild month, too. It’s miserably hot, Mercury’s bitch ass is in retrograde, and all the other planets are being generally intense AF. There’s a lot of energy floating around. Might be a good time to cleanse your space.
So this month the full moon is in Capricorn. Capricorn is all about setting goals and reaching them, without letting anything stand in your way. It’s called the buck moon because this is the time of year when our deer friends start getting their antlers. And like those deer, it’s time for us to start showing off what we’ve been working on. But it’s not a time to be passive. You’ve got to actively get out and get shit done, girl. With all that in mind, I created this box around the idea of making a day of getting your goals.

Wake up and smell the yerba mate with this minty fresh, chocolatey delightful blend of tea called Mote It Be. Sip your tea and do a little meditation, focusing on what you’re ready to achieve.  

Use your new buck moon notebook as a grimoire for your spells, or as a place to write your goals and aspirations. My sweet friend, Lindsey Mashburn, hand-drew the art just for this us, and I had it turned into a stamp so we could make custom books for you.

Take some time to cast a prosperity spell. You don’t have to ask for money, but it never hurts. Prosperity comes in many other forms as well. Use the anointing oil and herbs to dress your candle, then light it and allow it to burn out on its own. Once it has cooled, keep the stub in your purse or wallet until your next pay day.

After a long day of chasing paper, doing the work, and busting your hump, unwind in the tub with a nice Lazarus bath. It’s a fizzy herbal healing tea that will ease your sore muscles and revive your spirit. No tub? No problem. It makes a great foot soak, too. 

With that much intention and magic, your goals are closer than ever. J

There’s also a great issue of the 12 Houses zine and a sample card from the new Modern Seer deck that I am 100 percent obsessed with.  

That’s it for now, my darlings! Talk to you sooner than later, I hope.



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