Black lives matter.

July 2020

My sugar boogers, 

Hope you’re all holding up ok out there! It’s been a wild ride, for sure. Freedom and feminism! That’s the theme, y’all. We don’t have time for shit else this month. Gentle reminder that no one is free until we all are. And ain’t no magic like feminist magic. So let’s get this show on the road.

Our featured magical plant this month is raspberry leaf. This is the perfect embodiment of feminine energy. They’re said to bring good luck, help with romance and self love, and connect you to your highest feminine energy. Additionally, it can be used to relieve cramps, help with pregnancy pains, and the “joys” of childbirth. Plus it’s a killer astringent. As always, there’s a print by Lindsey Mashburn to honor this big bad leafy green bitch, and you’ll find it in each of the Foxglove products this month. 

On to the boxes! 

First up, Femininitea. This tea has a lightly citrus, little bit minty vibe that tastes super great. It also helps you channel your feminine energy. Drink it when you’d benefit from your more receptive, magnetic, self-contained side. 

Then there’s this Mint Condition hydrosol. It’s made with raspberry seed oil, – not quite the leaf, but it’s the same plant – mint,  jojoba, and vitamin E. Shake it up and spray it on your face or your fanny when you need a little refreshment. It’s hot out. Stay cool. And heads up, it’s called a hydrosol, but it’s got a good bit of the oil blend in it. You could honestly use half and fill it back up with more distilled water, and still reap the benefits. 

And then there’s this month’s spell, which encourages you to Keep It Real & Heal with a ritual to repair your spirit from all the damage this year has done. Y’all, we’ve been forced to channel a lot of masculine energy to survive lately, and I for one, need a little balance. This spell will help you clear out the negativity and be enveloped in your feminine side. 

The spell features a handmade candle by Lit Rituals. It’s not in the bag with the spell because I misjudged the size of the bags when I was assembling them. I’m sorry about that. Y’all have to check out these incredible candles. Buy yourselves a dozen or more. They are so warm and inviting. 

ALSO. each of you gets a vadge of honor pin by People I’ve loved. You 100% don’t need a vagina to be a woman or to celebrate feminine energy. Please, please don’t think that’s what I’m saying. I just thought it would be a fun way to honor y’all.  

And, for balance, I’ve also included a mustache made of yarn. Feel free to offer mustache rides to people you love. If they’re cool with that. Don’t be weird. These mustaches were made by a friend of mine from my previous job. When we got laid off, I was like, “any crafters want to collaborate?” And $200 later, y’all have mustaches. Fun fact: one of you has a dog named Stache. Like mustache. It’s Laura. The same Laura who made the calligraphy pens and the little star and moon dishes. Hi, Laura!! Love you!

Aaaaand that’s the boxes! 

Don’t forget to leave reviews, send me pictures, tell your friend, and fight for equality!

If you want something you made featured in an edition of the box: hit me up!   

If you want to post a story, poem, or essay on the Foxglove Pharm blog: hit me up! 

I love you so much! 


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