Black lives matter.

July, or Jul-why?

What’s good, y’all?

What is time? Is it even real? What is anything? This little update will be short and sweet.

Gentle reminder 

First and foremost, a quick reminder that black lives matter and we have a lot of work to do to dismantle the system that was built to keep black folx down. #BlackLivesMatter might not be trending, but it needs to be top of mind, always.

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I couldn’t think of a single better way to welcome summer (a few weeks late) than by announcing a new Good Witch award winner: Reni Valentine! @reni.voodoo.villaintine

This lovely lady received multiple nominations because she is just that friggin’ awesome. She's a kind and giving person, always sending tokens of affection to her loved ones. She's an amazing mom, a badass friend, and an all-around beautiful person. She shares her magic with anyone who asks and is happy to pass along her wisdom and knowledge. She’s committed to continuing her education because knowledge is power, and this lady is powerful. Reni is a bright and beautiful soul who makes everyone around her feel as magical as she is. Reni is our Good Witch of the season!

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My little wildlife rescue project has gotten a lot of traction lately. If you’ve managed to miss my incessant chatter about it, Out of the Woods Wildlife Rescue & Rehab will be opening this fall. I’m getting all my licenses and stuff in order this summer, and will be opening a small facility on my property to care for orphaned and injured wildlife. I’ve currently got three baby raccoons who are so cute, I can’t find words for it. We’re on Instagram, Facebook, and (thanks to my 12-year-old daughter) TikTok, if you want to go look at cute babies.

Poets? Writers? Ranters? Ravers? 

I’m collecting writing from any of y’all who want to share it. It’ll be posted to the blog on the Foxglove Pharm website for the whole world to see. And by “the whole world,” I mean roughly 20 people a month. <shrugs emoji> I really just want there to be more voices than my own in that section. And I like you, so I want it to be your voice. My beloved Angela “The Velvet Angel*” Alberto submitted another beautiful poem, and you can read it here.

*Don’t call her that. I’m a jerk.

Coven boxes

I could probably make… 5 more boxes for July’s edition of the coven box. So if you want in, sign up before July 5. This month’s featured medicinal plant is raspberry leaf. And the theme is freedom and feminism (but really, when is that NOT the theme around here?) 

What else?

I don’t know. I guess that’s it. I hope you’re safe and well out there.
Love you!!



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