Black lives matter.

June 2019

My beloveds!

Happiest June to you! Summer is finally upon us, and I’ve never been so grateful for air conditioning. Memphis is no joke this time of year – and it’s only going to get hotter. Wahoo!

In case you missed it, we’re up to 10k followers on Instagram. I feel like I’m an official business now or something! Holy. Guacamole. I keep meaning to do a 10k giveaway, but I’m just a little exhausted right now. There is a giveaway this month though, isn’t there? One of your boxes includes a gift certificate to Ronin, a badass tattoo shop in Memphis. I hope you won!

This month’s theme is Positivity & Manifestation. The strawberry full moon in Sagittarius invites us to get off our asses and make something good happen. (Is it just me, or is that kind of the universal theme of life?) So, this month I included a full-size Into Witchin’ tea. This blend was created for the first month of the subscription box, so about six of you are getting reacquainted. One of its main ingredients is mugwort, which is known to be straight-up prophetic. Use your powers for good, please.

The ever-popular Cloudbuster roll-on is making an appearance, as well. This little potion has essential oils that smell like a citrusy paradise and gently force a smile on your face. This is one of my favorite scents for days when it feels a bummercloud is following me around.

I included a manifestation spell to invite you to make good shit happen. It has instructions included, but feel free to improvise. I can’t iterate enough how important it is to make your magic your own. The intention is what matters more than anything. If you think something is hokey, or the words don’t resonate with you, rearrange it into something that makes sense for you. You’re the magic maker. I just facilitate.

I made a flower of life crystal grid for you, too! This was a fun little project in which I learned to properly print a two-sided item. Go me! So, if you aren’t familiar with crystal grids, basically, they’re a tool to help you set and focus on intentions, and channel the energy of sacred geometry and crystals. At the very least: it’s soothing to make pretty patterns. At the most: you can turn your intentions into realities. Win, win, no matter how “woo-woo” you are.

Our super special guest this month is Illuminati Body! Salve-ation is their CBD-oil based balm of badassery that is fantastic for tattoos. Carla has been rocking this business for as long as I can remember, and I love watching her company grow! I highly recommend all of their products, especially this one. Give them a follow on all the social media channels, and buy all their stuff. @IlluminatiBodyI have some bad news. Your 12th House zine is not in the box this month. That’s my fault. I needed to get the boxes packed before my hospital stay, and my sweet darling Hallie didn’t have time to get them back from the printer. But don’t worry! Since she is a complete and actual angel, you can go to her Etsy shop and use the code “FOXBOX” to get an instant digital copy, or have her mail a printed version to you for free. I’m so sorry for the hassle.  

Now I have some good news. Musings from the Moon makes these incredible affirmation cards that I absolutely fell in love with, so I ordered a pack to share with you guys, and included one card in each box. I hope the message you receive resonates with you. Tape it to your mirror, or place it on your altar, and really sit with it. Be sure to check out her website, which features her incredible art, as well.  It’s all so good!

I guess that’s it, y’all!

Talk to you soon, and have a magical full moon!


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