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Lucky You Spell

Shit’s rough out there right now. I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t benefit from a little extra luck.

I love this ritual. Give it a try and let me know what you think. And if you find yourself lacking motivation and/or ingredients, send me a message and I’ll put a kit together for you.


What you need:

Jar and cork

Quartz pieces 

Dried jasmine

Dried chamomile

An ethically-sourced bee, resting in peace

Green melting wax 


A bit of oil

A flame



Full moons are the best time for manifesting, but waxing is ok, too. Avoid doing this spell during the waning moon. 



Place the items in the jar: quartz first, then some flowers, then the bee, then more flowers. Top it with oil, then close the bottle.

Place a bit of the wax on the spoon, and melt it by holding the spoon over a flame, then carefully pour the wax over the lid to seal it. Do a few thin layers. Be careful not to burn yourself, but consider it a blessing if you do. Silver linings.

Once the wax hardens, keep the jar on your altar, in your purse, or somewhere else that you’ll see it often. Keep it with you until you feel it is no longer serving you. Recharge it under a full moon. Some people like to bury their spell jars in their yard, but I like to look at mine. 

And there you have it! Tell me how it goes in the comments below!




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