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March 2019

Holy moly, you guys.

Is it just me, or did February last, like, two days? I can’t believe we’re already a week into March. The full moon isn’t until March 20, but you’re probably be getting your boxes a little earlier than usual because I’m taking the kids to Universal Studios for a week and I’d rather be early than late. These kids are about to wizard their way through all things Harry Potter, and I am THRILLED. But enough about me.

So, the March full moon is called the Worm Moon because it’s the time of year when worms start to emerge from the thawing ground, and spring makes herself known. This month’s full moon is in Libra – reminding us that balance is important and warning us to mind our emotions, which tend to be pretty loud in this sign. AND, on top of those things, this is all happening the same night the spring equinox, or Ostara. How cool is that? I feel like that makes everything triply magical.  

This is a great time to celebrate energy and growth, so that’s what your boxes are focusing on this go ‘round. Just a reminder that only the full magic boxes include all of the items, and the smaller boxes will only include some of them. 

Spring to Life tea is an energizing blend that will wake up your spirit and motivate you to get moving and grooving. Magic balm breathes new life into dry skin and chapped lips. Set your intention with the oil blend, and carry the scents with you all day. Clear out the winter air with a sage stick, and light some incense for good vibes.  

Constellation Haven created some delicious candles just for Foxglove Pharm. They’re charged with lots of positive growth energy. Light it up and manifest that shit! (Then be sure to give her a follow on Instagram!) 12th House is also back again with a survival guide for the impending Aries season. I am so in love with her style and observations.

Plant the included seeds in your windowsill or garden and enjoy the literal fruits of your labor all season long. Make a ritual of it by painting your goals and aspirations (or sigils for them) onto a flower pot, then planting. Or, write down your dreams and “plant” them under the seeds. Make it your own! And please, please tag me in any photos you take! I want to see your creations! 

Blessed be,

Love you, mean it,



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