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March 2020

Time to March on into spring, my lovelies!

February was a doozy. I feel like so much happened in just 29 days. Not the least exciting of which was my first booth at The Oddities and Curiosities Expo! It went really well and I had a ton of fun and made a little money too! Woo! This one was in Tulsa, but I’ll be doing more booths with them later this year in Austin and Tampa. I know there’s a few of you in both of those places, so spread the word for meeeee.

I also just got back from NYC (my first trip there ever), and I’d love to go back to spread the Foxglove Gospel. Do you have any favorite spots? Stay on task, Sami…

We’re hanging out in Pisces season now,  but be prepared to stifle those Pisces-season tears and get shit done as Aries season rolls around. Aries is the great initiator, so pick something worthwhile and get this party started. Try not to initiate too much bullshit if you can help it. Aries is basically the “hot take” of the zodiac, so think about that before you pop off at your baby mama for talking shit again. 

Ok! This month’s featured plant is passionflower. This pretty flower has a lot going on. From a medicinal perspective, passionflower is a boss at nixing anxiety and helping with focus. Magically, she’ll help you follow your passions – from work to romance. And visually, she’ll make you feel really nice when you see the badass print that Lindsey Mashburn drew for you.

Life is all about balance, and so is this month’s box.

Aries makes me anxious, so I made a sweet blend of kava, passionflower, and other floral notes to help Get It Together and focus on getting my shit done without stressing out about it. Yo: there’s caffeine in this one. Darjeeling is the culprit. 

Can’t chill too much though with all that shit-stirring energy, right? So let’s work a little motivation magic to help with manifesting your passion into reality. Maybe I named it Vote of Confidence to encourage you to vote, or maybe not. Who knows!

 Heads up about the spell: In typical Mercury retrograde fashion, I had a big order of supplies not show up at all. So much for that guaranteed shipping time, huh? That said, your spell was supposed to have a pink candle, but instead, it has a white one. Because that’s what I had 50 of, and I didn’t want to send these out any later than necessary. Magic is all about intention though, so don’t sweat the color too much. It’s all magic in the middle. 

I’ve also included something new that I could use your feedback on. It’s a seaweed bath called Working Grass Hero! It’s great on its own for making your skin nice and channeling your inner sea siren vibes, but what’s new here is the packaging. You just drop the whole little fucker in the tub and SHAZAM! No mess.  I’m not sure how I feel about it, so let me know. I can’t decide if it’s tacky or brilliant. So you tell me. Full disclosure, this bath is more medicinal and less delicious, so you may wanna throw a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to make it smell like something other than the sea.

Another Mercury Retrograde issue led to a totally silver lining for y’all. My beloved Laura was working out a new item for you guys, but it didn’t turn out right, so we’ll have to postpone that to a future box. But instead, you get a fucking deck of Badass Bitches tarot cards from the amazing Cardsy B. If you don’t listen to her podcast or follow her on social media, you are missing out. She’s an absolute delight, and I adore her. This blessed goddess of a woman was able to get 60 decks to me in record time, and for that, I can never repay her. But you can –– go buy some stuff from her!

I think that’s all I’ve got for now, my darlings. I love you all so much!



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