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May 2019

How’s Taurus season going, babes?

I’m feeling strong, determined, and ready to get this summer going! As usual, here are a few housekeeping-type ramblings from me before getting into the things you’re here for.

I put out a survey last month and got some really great feedback from about six of you. (That’s like 20%, so not too shabby?)  A couple folks asked me to include ingredients on labels for the non-teas, I’ve incorporated that feedback where I can. I’ll have to get different labels for the oils/perfumes before I can list their ingredients––there’s just no room on them! In the meantime, just ask.

I received an email from someone who didn’t feel like her box was “worth it.” I’m going to be real with y’all: I cried like a little baby when I read it. I pour a lot of myself into these boxes (and love doing so), so I’ve started including some little cards in my orders as a reminder of what Foxglove Pharm is about.  

Oh, and also, I’ll be out of commission during the first two weeks in June. I’m headed to Houston, TX, to donate my kidney to a woman who’s battling lupus. It shouldn’t be too difficult of a recovery for me, but please keep Claudia in your thoughts, because this surgery could change her and her family’s lives forever. I’m going to send your boxes a little early in June, and will be closing orders sooner than usual. So, if you want to upgrade or invite a friend, shake a wand. Speaking of friends: I think I’m going to start doing a not-super-advertised referral thing. For every friend you send me, I’ll give you a $10 credit in my shop. You’ll just need to send me a message with the name of who you sent, and I’ll get you your credit. J Super easy. No pressure.

Now, onto things that really matter: what’s in the box?

A Scorpio full moon is a sexy time. You should be really feeling yourself and owning what a total badass magical goddess you are. So this month, I included some things to really harness that energy. Pick some flowers and fill your house with the sweet springtime air.

All Sugar, No Scrubs takes a favorite ritual up a notch by making it shower-friendly. Start your day by using this sugar scrub to wash away dry skin and manifest a sensual demeanor. Think of all the things you want to shed yourself of, and envision them washing down the drain while you bathe. You can repeat a mantra, or simply think pleasant thoughts. You do you.   

Love Spell is a warm, earthy oil that enhances your natural pheromones and makes your presence ever-enchanting. Roll in on after a shower for all-day sexiness.

A full-size bag of Livin’ Libido Loca tea provides plenty of herbal magic for about 13 cups of tea. Pro tip: You can make a big ole jug of it, add some sugar, and chill, for a refreshing drink by day that makes for an exciting time by night.  

There’s also a sweet jade face roller.  These rollers are great for boosting circulation and giving you that just-sacrificed-a-virgin glow. I keep mine in the freezer because someone suggested to do it, and I love the way it feels.

Of course, there’s a new issue of 12 Houses this month, too. If you’re not already following @12thhouse on Instagram, you should really consider it. Hallie makes these incredible talismans that are just so intricate and wonderful – words don’t do them justice.

And the special guest this month is Alicia Brujita who designed four incredible witchy prints for the coven’s boxes. I hope you get your favorite! I wanted to save these for fall, but honestly, I just really couldn’t keep them to myself much longer. So! Freakin! Cute!

I think that about sums up everything for this month, my beloveds.

Please keep all that good feedback coming. I love hearing from you! 

Just a heads up to the new subscribers: If you’re subscribed to “All the Magic,” you’ll receive everything mentioned on the contents card (and in this letter). Subscribers to “A Good Bit” will have …a good bit… of those items, but not everything. I just print one copy of the contents and of this note because otherwise I will drive myself crazier, and no one wants that.   

Blessed be,

Sami xx

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