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May 2020

Happy May, my darlings!

This month is all about using that stubborn Taurus energy to move forward out of the funk of the past few months. We might still all be alone, but we’re alone together, and we got this shit. 

Ok, actually, before I go too far into this note to y’all, I have to stop and say something: I fucking love you folks so much. I am absolutely drop-jawed at how incredible *our* coven can be. This month, three of you wonderful ladies are receiving your boxes as a gift from other super generous, magical, beautiful souls from the coven who wanted to share their abundance. When does that ever happen in life? I’m welling up with gratitude right now because this is just so much more than I could have ever dreamed. I am honored to be part of such a loving community. I just love y’all. I love you. I love you. I love you! 

**wiping tears away** back to the business at hand. 

This month’s featured plant is jasmine. I love her. I loved her in Aladdin, and I love her in nature. A symbol of love, luck, and relaxation, jasmine is a dainty flower with a big beautiful scent. It might even be one of my favorites. But it’s hard to pick. Anyway, know the drill: Lindsey Mashburn made an epic print to add to your growing collection. :) I got so many lovely photos of the prints hanging in your homes last month, and it brought me all the joy in the world. Thank you so much for sharing. Please always share with me! 

Our featured maker this month is Hedge Witch Apothecary.  They made these beautiful cedar bundles just for y’all. They’re cedar-based and ethical af. I’ve been saving mine (because you know i snuck one out for myself), and I am so excited to burn it. Be sure to go give those ladies a follow on Instagram, and check out their shop. It’s super cute! 

I might have a new favorite tea. (Although I don’t know if anything can quite compare to my love of Existential Bliss, if I’m being honest.) Jas-Mine All Mine Tea is so good you won’t want to share it. It’s caffeinated, so if you’re sensitive, be aware or share. I love this tea. I’m drinking it right now! It’s gentle, mostly green tea based, but gives you a gentle punt in the butt to get moving. 

Of Quartz, It’s for Luck spell is for luck, of course. The good kind.  I found these spoons for y’all! They don’t really fit in the spell bags, but I did my best. Head’s up: this spell has a bee in it. I originally purchased these bees for a gift for my boyfriend a few years ago (I spelled out “MINE” in bees because I love a good pun). But since they’re known for bringing luck and prosperity, I thought they’d work great in this spell! They come from a sweet little bee farm in New Jersey, and they died of natural causes. And as a shock to literally no one, there are typos in the instructions. I really need to do a better job of reviewing things before I hit print. Today is not that day. Anyway, save the spoons and keep them as a new tool in your magical belt. 

Speaking of bees -- I asked on Instagram how y’all would feel about potentially including bee products in the stuff I make, if I raised those bees myself. The general response was “Don’t be a jerk, be nice to the bees, and label everything.” Easy peasy. I’m taking a beekeeping class online right now. Learning a lot, but not sure if it’s for me, honestly. We’ll see! I’ll keep you posted, of course. 

Another bit of magic this month is multi-purpose, y’all. Razzle Jazzle salts can be used as a  tea in the tub, on your altar or around your door for luck and protection. You could wash your hands with it, or soak your feet in it, if you’re of the I-don’t-do-baths variety. This stuff smells so good. I just really friggin’ love jasmine. Which leads us to the final item of this month’s box. 

I spent the past two months hunting for the perfect, elegant bottles for the perfume I planned for this month. I wanted them to be delicate and beautiful, something you’d love to leave out to admire. Yeah... I failed that mission hard, you guys. 

Quick story: I finally found a good-enough bottle, and it was available in a case of 72 – perfect, so I could have a few extras. But nozzles and caps were separate and only available in cases of 1000. And y’all, they were not cheap. WTF? So then I ordered a bunch of “fine, this will do” bottles in various colors, and the fuckers never sent them. So literally TODAY (5/4) they agreed to give me a refund. And now I’m scouring for new bottles to get here by Friday.  I am stressed. All that rambling is to say, you now have a fancy perfume in a not-fancy bottle.

Updated to add: Looks like we’re gonna get some cute enough little purple ombre droppers. For this perfume, I’d just use the dropper as a stick, rather than filling it up and dropping it on. Or! Transfer it to a beautiful perfume bottle that you already have on hand for some reason. Also, I put too much pressure on myself to come up with a name for this one, so it’s called -- wait for it -- Foxglove. Maybe one of you will have a great idea and send it to me, and then it can have a real name in the future. 

And that’s the box! I love you ladies so much. I am honored to serve you these magical little boxes each month. Stay safe and well. I’ll talk to you soooon. 





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