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November 2019

My darlings, it’s November!

And I am so, so excited because I’m sending boxes of magic to 52 people this month.  How exciting is that?! There’s a lot of new folks this month, so newbies: welcome! We love you, and we’re glad you’re here. Be sure to read this whole thing. It’ll catch you up on info you may have missed from previous months, and tell you what to expect this month.

Onto the box! So. This month is the Beaver moon in Taurus. And as such, it’s only fitting that we use it to honor the sacred divine feminine within us. Let’s check it out:

First up is a botanical blend to shift your love inward, and has some strength magic woven right in. You’re Devine as Hell and you need to know it. Also, I misspelled “divine.” And I’m only realizing it now that I have all the bottles wrapped up and in your boxes, ready to ship. How friggin’ embarrassing. But yo, I’m mostly human. I’m gonna mess up sometimes. It can only get better from here.

Next is a fresh take on my classic Livin’ Libido Loca tea, but this one focuses more on feminine energy. There might even be a little mandrake in there because I love you so much. This tea blend is called Dee Tea Eff, because I spent way too long trying to come up with a pun on Aphrodite, and just gave up. I love this one – it really gets the blood flowing.

The Magic Balm included in this month’s box is a special edition, made with some lavender oil that I infused with lavender from the garden. (Usually it has a comfrey base) Harvested from those same plants that were in the box a few months ago, actually, so that’s pretty cool. It soothes dry, rough skin, and heals scrapes and such like magic.

Oh! And there’s these beautiful tarot bags lovingly made by Hannah of Hanaba Days. ( This little angel right here. She is insanely talented. There might be a little surprise from her in next month’s box, too. Who knows?! I do. But I’ll never tell. Although, maybe I already have. Bah! But seriously, go take a look at all her beautiful offerings on her website. She makes the most intricate beaded jewelry, and it’s absolutely mesmerizing. Handcrafted in Hawaii!

And what’s in those handcrafted tarot bags? Oh, just a diggity-damn 3-card tarot spread from Rebel Deck. This oracle deck is one of my favorites for a light-hearted read. Do I have every edition and the game? You bet your spooky booty. Buy yourself this deck, and follow @rebeldeck on Instagram. She’s a witty, delightful witch, and I love her. She sent over some decks, and I put together your spreads. I hope you don’t hate me for the realness. But you probably needed to hear it.

Nipple stickers!!! Embrace your boobies and their attention-seeking center stage star, and slap these nippy stickers anywhere you think could use a little extra pizazz! Please take photos. Please tag me. And tag their maker: @ruizfineart

And the vaginas!!! This print is from an original watercolor by the super talented Jorden Walker. She even signed the prints for y’all. She’s cool like that. Find her on Instagram at @321enedroj

And that concludes the contents of this month’s box. I hope you love everything as much as I loved making it for you. You’re smart, beautiful, and you matter. You’re the most magical person I know. I love you.



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