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October 2019

Greetings, my witchy loves!

October is here, and I am over the moon about it! This box is the best one yet. I know, I always say that. But this one is pretty great. October has a full “Haunters” moon in Aries. It’s technically called “Hunter’s” but I prefer my version. Anywho. Aries can bring a lot of big boss energy with it, and invites us to put ourselves first. You might be someone who loves to serve others, but if your gut is telling you to be “selfish,” I’d advise you to listen.

Ok, real quick:

If you’re a new subscriber (and there are like 15 of you! Holy wow! Welcome to the coven! I hope you love it here.), I really hope you’re not disappointed next month when things go back to normal. Usually, the “large” boxes include all the items (about 5), and the medium boxes include only some of the items (about 3). This month, no box will have everything, because there are just so many things and so many of you. Also, There’s also no separate item card. Just this much -longer-than-usual letter.

In keeping with the spooky theme of this, my most favorite month, I included an array of spiritual tools to help you commune with the other side. …And to protect you when you do it wrong. ;)

Anise little candle. These candles are tiny, but they smell pretty awesome and are packed with magical protection goodness. And anise. So, if you (like me), don’t like the smell of licorice, I’m really sorry. But sometimes medicine doesn’t taste good, you know? Take the medicine. You can use this on its own for protection, or alongside a ritual for an extra layer of safety. Like a condom for a spell.

Aw man, I am so stoked about this item right here. So, Baby Creep and I have been talking about collaborating for about a zillion years, and it never seems to work out because we are both insanely busy. Go figure. Well! When she posted these adorably weird little baby magnets she was making, I called dibs. You need them. I need them.  We all need them. They’re perfect.

I told my daughters I was working on a sage-based spray for the October box, and one yelled “Bye, Boo!” and I was like, “Well, you just named it.” This mist has a lot of good oils in it, including sage, frankincense, and palo santo, to clear the air of stale air, icky vibes, and stinky ghosts.

You’ll also find some Bundles of sage from Sage Winds Farms (, based out of San Diego. They’re ethical to their core, and organic to boot, so you can cleanse your space with a clear conscience. Check out their website to learn more about why I support them. And y’all, seriously, if you’re going to burn sage, please make sure you know where it comes from.

Everything Nice Sugar and Spice scrub is pretty self-explanatory. It can be used in the shower, or you can just keep it by your sink and ritualize washing your hands. A little goes a long way. Heads up: there’s cinnamon in this. I have been told by my very-allergic-to-cinnamon roommate that it would be good to let you know before you scrubbed your hands with it. Sorry about your skin, Kate.

This Bar Saves Lives (  is one of those fantastic brands who does amazing things by using their sales to help those in need. Their generosity came in hard this month, when they sent 30 treats to include in the boxes. I hope your box has one.

Lavender! I grew this for you! I picked it, and I kissed it, and I put in your box alongside some nice intentions.  I just wanted you to have it. I keep it around for love and luck.

Oooh, and one of my new favorite teas, Out of the Blue, is included too. It’s a subtle and smooth blend that thins the veil and opens your third eye. I love it sweetened up and with a little cinnamon, but try it your own way!

Art by Laura Horn. Laura made those incredible clay bowls last month, and this month she’s showing off another skill: woodblock printing. No big deal but she just carved this design into freakin’ wood, then stamped it onto cool as paper, and made the little hangers, too.

I made this little Heccin Protecc sachets for you to keep in your purse, car, or wherever. I put a lot of love into these. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the ingredients. It’s a blend of herbs, essential oils, spices, and sigils, that envelop you in a bubble of safety. The silly name is brought to you by all the time I spend in chonky cat groups on Facebook. Who can relate? Anyone?



HAVE YOU FREAKING HEARD? Foxglove Pharm is the official sponsor of season 3 of the Missing Witches podcast. This podcast has it all: feminism! Research! Witches! Charming hosts! Incredible guests! A sweet sponsor! I fell in love with Missing Witches after I was introduced by my next-life-wife, Pam Grossman, on her podcast, Witch Wave. I’m positive you will love them, too! Go like, subscribe, and all that stuff, to Missing Witches, and listen for the discount code during my advert.

What’s next? November. And the theme is based around the Beaver moon. So you know what that means: a box honoring your own box. Vaginas! It’s going to be so much fun. I’ve already got a lot of great things in store. Including some really great items that I couldn’t fit into these boxes.

As always, I’m looking for opportunities to collaborate, so if you have a talent you’d like to lend, or know someone who does, you know where to find me!

Ok, y’all. This is the longest letter. It’s time for me to shut up and let you get to your magic.

I love you, you’re amazing, and you’re magical. I’m sorry for the three-page letter.

Xx Sami

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