Black lives matter.

This makes two newsletters, so I guess it's officially a thing.

Ok, but the name “newsletter” is stupid, so that’s gotta go.

How’re you doing? How’s the quarantine? I hope you’re all safe and sound, keeping your hands washed and all that. I’m holed up in my little house in the woods, growing an idyllic garden, raising some adorable baby chicks, homeschooling the sweetest children on earth, and trying desperately not to kill everyone and burn the whole house down. Turns out, I’m a social creature, and I’m going totally batshit around here.

But truth be told, everything’s fine. We’re healthy, we have each other, and the baby chicks are super cute. I’m looking forward to discovering the “new normal” and getting on that track. Quarantine is for the birds.

If you don’t like to read, but opened this wall of text anyway, scroll straight to the bottom for the part that probably benefits you the most.


May 1 is the halfway point between Spring and Summer, and a great opportunity to get your tits out and celebrate life and the lengthening days. Eat some fruit, clean out a closet or two, and soak up a little sun and/or moonshine today. The moon’s waxing gibbous, and I bet she looks fine as hell.

Here’s a nice list of things from Tess Whitehurst that you can do while quarantined for Beltane.

Not sponsored. I just like her!

This whole blog thing

I just don’t sit still very well. Since I’ve been furloughed from my day job, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Foxglove, arranging and rearranging the website, and adding new blog posts. Feel free to pop by the blog section and see what’s new.

You can add comments (great for correcting me when I say something stupid) and submits topics for me to write about. I’ve got one up for each of the featured plants so far this year. I’m going to aim to make a post a week. And I promise I’m not going to be one of those assholes who sends out an email reminder every time I type something. But the posts will be there if you need them.

photo by claudia rhea.png


Oh! And if you notice some snazzy new product photography, that’s all thanks to Claudia Rhea, a very talented photographer and friend. I gave her a bag full of goodies, and she whipped up some real magic.

And if you see any grainy black and white photography: that’s mine. I’ve been playing with ye olde film cameras again lately, and I’ve gotten some fun shots that I wanted to put to work.

Tarot with EJ

EJ’s daily tarot readings on @foxglovepharm’s instagram have been a hit, so she’s going to start offering single card readings periodically. Keep your eyes peeled. (oooh creepy, lol.)

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 4.13.36 PM.png


I’m accepting nominations for the Good Witch of summer! Drop me a line and tell me about the magical person in your life who’s out there changing the world. Maybe it’s a doctor. Maybe it’s a teacher. Maybe it’s a gargoyle who protects the neighborhood children from creepazoids. You tell me. Here’s the link. Only YOU can make this magic happen.

Collaborations welcome!

Y’all know I’m always down for a little teamwork. I love featuring a different maker in each edition of our coven boxes. If you (or someone you know) might be a good fit, send them my way. We’ll get jiggy with it. (Jiggy with it? Really? Why am i like this?) But really, there’s always going to be another box, so I’m always going to need another partner. :D

Bartering, too.

And if you’ve been wanting in the coven, but can’t swing the $40 a month, hit me up. Maybe we can make something work. It could be fun. This month, I got an amazing painting of a raccoon in space in exchange for a box. I also snagged about 40 pounds of crystals in exchange for a few boxes.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 7.33.06 PM.png


We’re having a giveaway! You could win over $100 worth of stuff that I’ll make just for you. All the details are on the Instagram post, and you can enter there.


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