Black lives matter.

Wild as hell this June.

Hey there,

It’s me, ya girl, Carrie Bradshaw.

That’s literally how I feel every time I sit down to write a note to y’all. In a totally goofy and not-at-all serious way. This shit’s silly.

Black lives matter

I just want to make sure we’re clear on that. Also. Don’t buy anything from me this week.

Spend that money at a black-owned business instead. Here’s a list of black sellers on Etsy. And check my Instagram stories — I’m constantly adding more links there.  Please make sure you’re doing what you can to support the black community right now. If you can’t get out there on the frontlines, at least throw a couple dollars into a bail fund.

In more local news


The world might be crazed, but let me tell you what’s cute as hell. These three baby raccoons I’ve been taking care of. They came from different litters, but were all orphaned and brought to me. I’ve been helping them out for the past month or so, and as I type this, I’m on my way home from dropping them off at their new home at Walden’s Puddle, where they’ll finish growing up and get released.

Related, I’m about to begin training for my wildlife rehab permit so I can (legally) help more injured and orphan babes make it to adulthood. …Without going to jail or becoming Carole F-ing Baskin in the process.

Speaking of animal-related stuff. Did I already mention the bee thing? I took a course on beekeeping, and it is just not for me. All Foxglove Pharm products will continue to be vegan, and my fear of bees remains intact. 


Our girl Litha, aka Midsummer, aka Summer Solstice, will be here June 25. Here’s a list I didn’t make of ways to celebrate!

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 10.46.52 AM.png

I’m still accepting (begging for) nominations for The Good Witch Award, summer edition. The winner will get a box of exclusive goodies. And you can feel warm and fuzzy knowing you’ve helped someone awesome get recognized for their hard work.

Seeking writers

If I’m going to keep posting things in this here blog of mine, I’m going to need other people to contribute. I don’t want to be the only one holding the megaphone. I’m asking all poets, essayists, writers, teachers… if you have something you want to share (that is even tangentially related to Foxglove Pharm and our mission), I’d love to use my website as a platform for you. We don’t have a lot of traffic, but *shrugs* I dunno, sometimes it’s just nice to put your thoughts out there into the universe. 

About those writers

I talked about the idea of incorporating the community into the blog with @heart.wise.woman, and she was into it. So. Behold! I have a beautiful poem she wrote about death to share with you.

what else?

  • I’m always looking for collaborators.

  • I’m always open to barter.

  • June’s coven boxes will be getting mailed out on Monday.

  • If you’ve been wanting to join the coven, I have like, 4 spots open for this month. You have until Friday before I close orders.

  • I love you.

  • I’m thinking of you.

  • Wash your hands and stay away from strangers. Wear a mask.


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