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The Good Witch of Summer

Have you met Reni?

This lovely lady received multiple nominations because she is just that friggin’ awesome. She's a kind and giving person, always sending tokens of affection to her loved ones. She's an amazing mom, a badass friend, and an all-around beautiful person. She shares her magic with anyone who asks and is happy to pass along her wisdom and knowledge. She’s committed to continuing her education because knowledge is power, and this lady is powerful. Reni is a bright and beautiful soul who makes everyone around her feel as magical as she is. Reni is our Good Witch of the season!

Previous Good Witches


Spring 2020

Meet a literal, actual lifesaver and personal hero of mine, Michelle. (@mylifewiththeirlove)⁠

A few years ago, her son got sick and needed a kidney, and she was the first in line. But when she wasn’t able to be a loner, she found a friend who could. Since then, she’s been paying it forward as an advocate and a wrangler of spare kidneys everywhere. To date, Michelle has found homes for three kidneys, with at least one more on the way. That is to say, she’s saved three lives. And thanks to her, countless others have been tested and added to the donor list. What an absolute hero, y’all. ⁠

(Of course, I have to admit that one of those kidneys she wrangled was mine. She lured me in with a Kermit the Frog meme on her @kidneyconnect Instagram account, no less. “It’s none of my business but you only need one kidney.”⁠)⁠

Well, it’s totally my business this time, and I make the rules. And I think YOU are one of the greatest Good Witches out there, Michelle. Thank you for being such a kind, generous, giving person. You’re absolutely changing the world. ⁠



October 2019

Stephanie was nominated anonymously by a secret admirer who says they’re inspired by her fierceness and the good that she does for others by being unapologetically herself.

I am personally inspired by this self-proclaimed gray witch who brings some much needed balance to our often polarizing world. Thank you for all that you do, Stephanie!



August 2019

Rachel was nominated by her friend Abby for a number of awesome things:

1. She works to help the needs of our Nashville neighbors experiencing homelessness.

2. She is a single mom that kicks ass to take care of her sweet and amazing little boy.

3. She will sing and dance in the car so well that it will cure even the meanest sad streak.

Rachel definitely deserves some extra happy. Thank you for being so great, Rach!



July 2019

Meet Kate. She’s my roommate, and she’s a total angel. Where do i even start? She’s great to my kids, she’s helpful around the house, she encourages and supports my need to rescue every stray animal i encounter, and she’s an incredible vegan chef.

She also volunteers at the crisis center every week, tutors refugee students, spreads wisdom and compassion everywhere she goes, and isn’t afraid to take a stand for the shit she believes in. This bitch is an activist. And not the kind that just sits at her computer talking about changing the world. But the kind who is actually organizing, strategizing, making calls, getting out there, and being ACTIVE.

She’s an ally, an amazing friend, and easily one of the Goodest Witches i know. I’m honored to call her one of my very best friends, and thrilled to give her #thegoodwitchaward this month.



June 2019

Our June #theGoodWitchaward goes to... @cortneysmoonmagicklife

Cortney is an amazing friend and a new mama who inspires her friends with her kind and giving demeanor.



May 2019

She's a mom, an awesome friend and works hard for social justice in the Memphis community. Two friends nominated her, and we can see why!



April 2019

Stephanie was nominated by Hallie from 12th House who says: “Stephanie is the epitome of a Good Witch! She is one of the most charming, loving and intentional women I know. Stephanie has been a practicing witch for over a decade - she offers such good energy, magic and loving guidance to her community. I’m really lucky to call her a friend.” Sounds good to me! Go check out this magical being, and I’m sure you’ll agree. 



March 2019

Congrats to @heyitsdesiwolff, this month’s #thegoodwitchaward winner!

Desi was nominated by her loving friend, Cardsy B, who says she’s an inspirational healer with the voice of a goddess.



February 2018

So this bad bitch, good witch, and aerialist instructor got not one, but FOUR nominations from friends who say she is as magical in the air as she is on the ground. February’s Good Witch helps everyone around her break free from their comfort zones and explore the world with a little more pizazz.



January 2019

She empowers other women. She makes incredible art. She is a ray of sunshine. She is Hallie and she is the embodiment of a good witch. Click on her photo to check out some of her amazing work.



October 2018

As if her name wasn’t sweet enough, this Good Witch’s personality is even sweeter. Here’s why her friend Abby nominated her:

Not only does she make my life and every life she encounters more beautiful and magical, but she also creates art in way of makeup and illustrations. She’s had a very rough go of it in the last year with health problems causing chronic pain, something I feel most don’t consider. Personally, I can’t imagine dealing with serious physical pain every single moment. Yet Laura continues to be a burning fire of positive momentum and pure love. She absolutely deserves some extra love.

You can find Laura on instagram at @latrinalialaura



September 2018

Michelle was nominated by her friend Liz, who is inspired by her purely magical body. Michelle changes lives through her body-positive, dancetastic, boss lady awesomery. (I make up my own words, ok?) This woman’s Instagram (@michellesbelly) made me feel stronger and more powerful than I have in a while. And if she can do that for me across time and space, imagine what she does for the people in her life? Congrats to you, Michelle!



August 2018

Laura is a school psychologist who changes lives by actually giving a shit about the children in her community. Her friend Ashli (also pictured) nominated her for the award because she is inspired by Laura's big heart and capacity to treat each child like they're her own. Laura also strives to inspire the grown folks in her world, too, by spreading a message of self-love, acceptance, and positivity.



July 2018

Rachael was nominated by her friend Cassie for “constantly working to raise awareness about injustices and encouraging white people to confront and challenge their privilege, and the moral laziness that tends to accompany it. And she does this in the real world, putting her money where her mouth is.”

Rachael’s Instagram is filled with inspiring images and magical, radical art. I love her tone, her spirit, and her affinity for the f-word. It’s clear that she’s working hard to promote positivity and unite good people while simultaneously calling out the bullshit. Thank you, Rachael, for being such a beacon of light!You can find Rachael and all her awesomeness at: @rachaelrice,,, and