Black lives matter.

Our Values

Be good to the earth, and be excellent to each other.

Everything Foxglove Pharm makes is vegan and palm oil free, and ingredients are all natural (and organic!) when possible. The earth gives us everything we need, so we might as well use it, right?

I also reuse boxes and packing materials, buy recycled paper products for packaging and marketing, and (now) wrap soaps in paper boxes instead of shrink-wrapped plastic like before. Got any other ideas to help me be green? I’m all ears.

Give help to those who need it.

For every soap sold, one is given away. My kids and I fold up wash cloths, soaps, and other toiletries, and distribute them to the homeless people of downtown Memphis whenever I make a new batch of soap. (Full disclosure, we’ve probably donated twice as many as I’ve sold. It just feels nice.)

Encourage kindness.

It seems like good people are getting harder to find. I want to encourage kindness and love everywhere I go. That’s one of the reasons I started The Good Witch award.

Support other magic makers.

I love to shout out other makers on social media, include their work in the Foxglove Pharm subscription boxes, and purchase my materials from them, rather than big bad Amazon when possible. If you think we could work together, let’s do it!

We’re a coven, you’re not my customers.

I’m always open to hearing your feedback, and the collection of items I offer changes based on what you say. I’m here for you and because of you, so please connect with me if you have any ideas or suggestions.