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Bye, Bye, Boogieman: Herbal Smoke Kit for Negative Energy

Bye, Bye, Boogieman: Herbal Smoke Kit for Negative Energy

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So you want to banish a poltergeist? Good lord, I hope not. That's some scary shit right there. But lets say there's just a little weirdness in your home. Maybe an ominous feeling. Maybe everyone is just at each other's throats more than usual. The air just feels wrong. That sort of thing. In that case... try this.

It's a kit for banishing bad energy and unwanted spirits. Because no one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

Here are the simple instructions: 
Light the candle
Set your intention ("Rid my home of that booger-eating ghost," "Please quiet the spirits and give me peace," "Clear the negativity in the air," etc.) 
Place sea salt in the shell 
Light the charcoal tablet 
Put it in the shell 
Sprinkle incense on top
Light sage with the candle
Focus on your intention
Cleanse your space 

** These used to be called “Smudge Kits” but now have new labels. “Smudging” is not an appropriate name for a non-Native to use. **