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Power Through It: Herbal Smoke Kit for Strength

Power Through It: Herbal Smoke Kit for Strength

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Head up, dude. 
It's going to be ok. 
I know things are not easy, and I know you've been working really hard, but you WILL survive. You're going to kick all the ass. You're going to smash the patriarchy, run five miles, and eat a salad for lunch. 
You got this. 

But just to make sure... use this kit to harness inner strength, persistence, and determination to defeat all the garbage you're dealing with. 

Here are the simple instructions: 
Light the candle
Set your intention ("Be as brave as Beyonce, as carefree as Gaga, and as resilient as Rhianna.") 
Place sea salt in the shell 
Light the charcoal tablet 
Put it in the shell 
Sprinkle incense on top
Light sage with the candle
Focus on your intention
Cleanse your space 

** These used to be called “Smudge Kits” but will have new labels in the future. It has come to my attention that “smudging” is not an appropriate name for a non-Native to use. **